Getting Referrals from Physicians by Creating a Marketing Strategy

Dennis Given, Psy.D.

Licensed psychologist & owner of Psychology Associates of Chester County, Inc.

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6 Responses

  1. Hi, Dennis! Thanks for dropping in to chat on my blog this evening. You offer some really useful suggestions in this post. Thank you.

    I also want to say that many of my therapist-clients get really stuck i.e. not making any progress when marketing to physicians. Often this is about their own histories / beliefs about the medical profession, in general, and physicians, in particular. If any of your readers find that they can’t seem to make any headway in getting referrals from this profession, I would encourage them to dig a little into their own beliefs that may be getting in their way.

    • You raise a good point. I also think our views on marketing and self-promotion can get in the way of creating inroads within the medical community. We have to learn to accept that this is a part of our overall business model because we are, after all, selling ourselves.

  2. Gerda Muller says:

    Hi Dennis, thanks for the great article above (and the others – i just came across your website today). I’m a Clinical Psychologist with a group private practice in Brisbane, Australia. I know our medical system here works different to yours in the US, but the Primary Care Physician (or General Practitioner as they are called here) is also our biggest referrer. At my practice, The Psych Professionals, we send our GP’s a one page News Fax at least monthly. This has been very well-received and keeps us front of mind with the doctors. We always ensure that it addresses a need of the GP and or their patient. We pay extra attention (in terms of targeted marketing) towards our ‘Practice Angels’ – the term we use to describe our top referring doctors. Feel free to visit our website at We also have a Facebook page:

  3. Heidi J. Dalzell, PsyD says:

    Hi Dennis. Thanks for these great tips. I recently started sending letters to the PCPs of new therapy clients, and think it will definitely be a big help marketing-wise. I haven’t found it onerous at all as I simply write a brief summary the same way I would for an intake note, and send it along to the PCP. One document suffices for both. I like your ideas for more dedicated marketing and keeping a referral database. Thanks again!

    • I often just send my initial evaluation to the PCP. I have the ability to fax from my PC so with the click of a few buttons it is sent without me having to leave my seat. Having the ability to do this so easily makes it hard not to, particularly when the benefit is far greater than the effort involved.

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