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Five Keys to Success

Build Your Successful Private Practice: Keys to Success Recently, I was asked by the folks at PsychGiant to write an article on the things that have contributed to my success in building my private practice. Although much more could be said about this topic, here are five things that have...


Free Chapter from “The Blueprint for a Successful Practice: Methods of Marketing Your Business & Increasing Your Bottom Line”

CHAPTER FIVE: ATTRACTING YOUR IDEAL CLIENT Maybe you would like to attract a certain type of clientele to fill your caseload and have been unable to do so? Of course, working diligently on many of the previous methods and suggestions mentioned should help you meet this goal. This chapter gives...


Five Easy Ways to Grow Your Practice

Make it easy for people to find you Most people are looking for providers online.  Don’t waste your time with a fancy ad in the phone book.  How many times have you turned to the phone book to look for something?  To stand out you need to create a website...